According to independent studies, about five billion smartphones will be in use worldwide by 2020. In addition, some further 150 billion connected “things“ (Internet of Things, or IoT), so called cyber-physical systems which operate actively or passively on the internet and fulfill different functions autonomously or semi-autonomously, are also expected to be utilized.


Such development leads to an enormously rapid increase of information, enabling all active participants to have an exponentially growing advance in knowledge.


Today’s industry is facing the challenge of effective and quick usage of a rapidly growing knowledge base. Therefore, increased effort is needed to unleash this potential.


Industrial companies that shy away from this expense are likely to face a drastically difficult market competition in the future.



As a consulting and development company in the industrial environment, we have already achieved excellent results for our customers with our Industry 4.0 projects and enjoy a longstanding company history of 20 years.


We created a platform with our projects with which we paved the way for entrance into the complex world of IoT for our customers.


In close cooperation with our customers, we develop an objective analysis of existing tasks. This analysis forms the basis for the design of strategies which we implement into real solutions during the realization phase.


You can benefit from our specialist skills and know-how while we support you on your way to the future of IoT.

We open up new perspectives and new paths for our clients using ecology, economy, and ethics to determine our actions.

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