Implementation & Systems Engineering

Cost Compliance and Time Management through tailor-made Systems Engineering



Successful implementation of the systems across all company levels requires efficient Systems Engineering.


The systems must therefore always be regarded in the context of the Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and the Computer-Computer-Interaction (CCI). Systems Engineering deals with questions of operation, training, support, costs, planning, performance, testing, quality assurance, and system development.


The main focus lies in our clients’ requirements and specifications which we transfer into solutions, fully respecting the ambient and boundary conditions. The result is a reliable plan which will prevent uncertainties while the project is being realized.


Depending on the client’s requirements, we apply special modules of Systems Engineering:

Our modules:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Verification and validation
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance

Project examples

Project/Industry Solution
Supply Chain Management / Food industry
    Business Process Modelling, ERP, CRM, QM, MES,
  • Implementation & Systems Engineering,
  • Advanced Planning Systems
Supply Chain Management / Metallurgy
    Business Process Modelling, ERP, MES,
  • Advanced Planning Systems,
  • EAM,
  • Implementation & Systems Engineering
Supply Chain Management / Film manufacturing
Supply Chain Management / Chemical intermediates
Supply Chain Management / Renewable recourses
Supply Chain Management / Chocolate industry
Supply Chain Management / Food industry
Supply Chain Management / Automotive supply industry
Supply Chain Management / Plastics industry
Supply Chain Management / Pharmaceutical industry
Supply Chain Management / Metallurgy
Service management / Equipment and component construction for food and pharmaceutical industry
Service management / Systems for measurement and control of process automation
Business Intelligence / Chemistry
Product Management and Engineering / Gas exploration
Human Resource Management / Medical Technology
Human Ressource Management / Pharmaceutical Research
Specification Management / Agricultural Machinery
Business Intelligence / Pharmaceutical Research
Service Management / Chemistry
GxP Computer System Validation / Pharmaceutical Research

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