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Originally, our area of application laid in the systemic analysis of the Supply Chain. This systemic observation of the processes extends to the application in the operative business, which led us to a temporary expansion of our business area to include services in the field of Operative Support.


Our tasks include auditing and conception. We develop business concepts and manage teams in such fields as planning, administration, and operation.


We perform operative tasks in the fields of planning, logistics, and quality management. Due to our procedure model, we offer high quality standards.


Furthermore, we provide support based on the existing workflows in different areas of the supply chain management. Our profile is topped off with on-site comprehensive care from our employees as well as with intensive advanced training and certification in our training centre, where, we carry out trainings in special fields like Supply Chain as well as SAP (APO DP, SNP & PP/DS, SAP SCM, and QM) for our clients.

Project examples

Project/Industry Solution
Business Intelligence / Pharmaceutical Research
    Cognos, Spotfire,
  • BI & A,
  • Consulting,
  • Operative Support
Service Management / Chemistry
  • EAM,
  • Operative Support
GxP Computer System Validation / Pharmaceutical Research
    Project Management, Validation, Testing,
  • Consulting,
  • Operative Support
Supply Chain Management / Film manufacturing
Supply Chain Management / Chemical intermediates
Supply Chain Management / Renewable recourses
Supply Chain Management / Chocolate industry
Supply Chain Management / Food industry
Supply Chain Management / Automotive supply industry
Supply Chain Management / Plastics industry
Supply Chain Management / Pharmaceutical industry
Supply Chain Management / Metallurgy
Service management / Equipment and component construction for food and pharmaceutical industry
Service management / Systems for measurement and control of process automation
Business Intelligence / Chemistry
Product Management and Engineering / Gas exploration
Human Resource Management / Medical Technology
Human Ressource Management / Pharmaceutical Research
Specification Management / Agricultural Machinery
Business Intelligence / Pharmaceutical Research
Service Management / Chemistry
GxP Computer System Validation / Pharmaceutical Research

Temporary management offers more freedom possibilities for our customers. We look forward to providing you with more information on this topic. Do not hesitate to contact our team.

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