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Our work is characterized by comprehensive consideration of the Supply Chain along with all participants of the value chain. To this effect, our view on “the suppliers’ suppliers of our customers to our customers’ customers” is expedient.


We have been working in the field of Supply Chain Management for many years, and as a result have realized a wide range of different projects in different industries such as automotive, electronics, and component industries as well as in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

For this reason, four departments have developed in the course of time. Depending on the requirement, we offer consultation, software development, systems engineering, and operative support under one roof.


In the field of consulting, we offer a large portfolio and support our clients in questions concerning strategic and operative Supply Chain Management. Depending on the analysis of all Supply Chain areas, we view all available strengths and weaknesses.

Implementation & Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering deals with issues of operation, training, support, costs, planning, performance, test, quality assurance, and system development. Systems have to be viewed in the context of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer Computer Interaction (CCI). Successful implementation of systems across all levels of the company requires a sustainable Systems Engineering.

Software Development

The available software systems often cannot entirely cover the requirement. This is where our software development team comes into play and develops components and systems specifically adjusted to our customers' needs.

Operative Support

Originally, our area of application laid in the systemic analysis of the Supply Chain. This systemic observation of the processes extends to the application in the operative business, which led us to a temporary expansion of our business area to include services in the field of Operative Support. Our tasks include auditing and conception. We develop business concepts and manage teams in fields like planning, administration, and operation.

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