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Over the years, special systems have been established in the field of consultation, through which we are able to offer our clients tailor-made systems in the fields of advanced planning, business intelligence and analytics, enterprise asset management, and visual communication.


Our solutions are applied throughout the full range from the process to executive level. These solutions can be implemented and operated externally in the cloud as well as locally.

Advanced Planning Systems

Advanced Planning Systems help companies during strategic, tactical, and operative planning. Advanced Planning Systems can be applied by the management of the company, for, for example, strategic corporate planning. It can also be used by the product marketing department for the generation of tactical production planning, by the supply chain management for operative supply chain planning, or even by production planning department for operative detailed planning. Therefore, for linear optimization of Advanced Planning Systems, the so-called heuristics and solver technologies are used in the background.

For many years, we have focused on the market-leading systems and, furthermore, developed our own advanced planning system which is easy to integrate. Depending on the project requirement, we implement and integrate advanced planning systems in the most varied business processes.

Data Science, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Due to an unlimited number of data sources, industrial companies nowadays have vast amounts of data at their disposal. The challenge is to transform this data into meaningful and decision relevant information in order to make it available to decision makers as quickly and error-free as possible.

In terms of technology, we work with market-leading database technologies, data analytics methods, big data, and in-memory technologies. In terms of analytics, we rely on the most current mathematical, statistical, and stochastic knowledge.

Enterprise Asset Management

“Increase of the availability, reliability and longevity of the equipment“. This quotation from the NAMUR Annual General Meeting in 2005 still shows the most important objective of the use of enterprise asset management systems. First of all, it is vital to ensure a cost-effective operation in consideration of the maximum availability and economic efficiency of the systems and equipment. In the field of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), we put great emphasis on a system which operates with user, configuration, and process data.

Visual Communication

The software we developed automatically creates graphic representation of equipment, components, and aggregates. The basic data needed can be retrieved directly from complex calculations and from databases. While reducing costs and improving quality, our software ensures clarity, accuracy, and reproducibility. It can also be used within an independent system. At the same time, our software can be integrated into already existing system environments via interfaces. Furthermore, our team deals with the development of infographics which are used for internal and external communication of corporate information. Therefore, we offer our methodology and software that facilitate the whole process from the rough draft to implementation and integration in databases and on websites.

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