plantex to significantly improve the contribution margin

A revolutionary SaaS data science application and state-of-the-art digital technology platform. Developed to turn data into actionable insights.


Digital Disruption is breaking down industry barriers

and creating new opportunities while destroying long-successful business models. Digitization of the business, digital data convergence, data life cycle management and the explosion of data.

No matter which angle you prefer; It’s time for companies to startcreating new business options for the future.

(the more-connected future of digital ecosystems. Weill and Woerner; MIT Sloan June 16, 2015)

A complex and fast moving global business environment makes it inevitable for companies to implement new business applications that enables them to significantly reduce efforts, risks and, ultimately cost.

Prediction of consumer behaviour through advanced analytics such as “Predictive Analytics”, digital optimized supply chains the increasing possibilities of flexibility in production through Industry 4.0 technologies and the exponential growth of information offer untapped potential for all participants in B2B and B2C industry.

Effectively utilizing data and at the same time gaining quick and realtime insight into important cross-function, production, capacity and supply network constraints is extremely complex.


plantex is built to transform complex data into actionable knowledge. Creating tangible and profitable business actions through insights considering all involved cross-function constraints.

Aimed at collaborative, team oriented, tactical and strategical business knowledge, exchange and publication.

Seamlessly integrated decision management support.

Snapshots saving all relevant visuals and data for future retrieval.

plantex drastically cuts-back-time necessary to understand the constraints and effect on demand, capacity and supply network.
Helping organizations to significantly improve the contribution margin due to:

  • SMART planning of production resources.
  • Optimized production capacity.
  • Campaign optimization.
  • Simplification of internal processes.
  • Rational well-informed and documented management decisions.

plantex answers What-If, What-Next and How questions in addition to What-happened and Why.

We provide your business with new perspectives, helping you make well-informed decisions in complex and challenging situations combining problem-solving and decision-making strategies.

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