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We give you new perspectives on your company to enable you to make the best decisions and implement them.



Founded in 1995 in Mannheim, our company constantly focuses on our clients’ requirements. Together with our clients, we develop innovative strategies and solutions.
Combined with our analytical and strategic skills, collaboration with clients forms a reliable foundation for the development of suitable plans of action for sustainable improvement of business processes.




When it comes to our employees, we focus on extraordinarily high professionalism and creativity, since we are convinced that sustainability is not only extremely important for process design, but also generally has the highest priority within a company. We encourage qualities like team spirit, passion, and eagerness to move in new directions in order to create a challenging and productive working environment.



We employ highly skilled professionals in the fields of electrical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, computer engineering, information systems, industrial engineering, and economics with degrees from renowned German and European universities, as well as other educational institutions. Furthermore, we cover a broad range of different languages: Apart from German and English as everyday business languages, we also offer Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, and French.




Our company is run by two managing directors. The departments of Strategy, Marketing, and Sales are managed by Matthias Spreitzenbarth. Since the beginning of 2015, the departments of Consulting, Software Development, and Project and Quality Management, as well as Human Resources and Finance fall within Sven Mandel’s field of responsibilities.

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